HHM Group Supports Bahrainization

In support of Bahrain and its people, HHM Group of Companies has committed itself to aiding the Government in their quest for Bahrainisation.

The Ministry of Labour aims to control the unemployment problem in the Kingdom of Bahrain through the restructuring of the labour market and the strengthening of their role in supporting economic and social development as well as human resources of the country. We at Hasan & Habib s/o Mahmood Group of Companies (HHM Group) train and hire young Bahrainis for various technical and administrative jobs within the company as a sign of our commitment to working alongside and cooperating with the Government of Bahrain.

At HHM Group, we invest in our employees. We know that much of the prosperity our company enjoys is directly linked to the personal and professional success of our workforce. Creating career paths through on-the-job training programmes and internships are just a few of the ways we encourage self-enrichment within our employment pool. Our participation is vital to the success of the quest to enhance the standard of living for Bahraini citizens, as it is the most important basis of economic development within the country.

As a Bahraini company, Bahrainisation is not merely a noble idea but a reflection of our commitment to the welfare of our fellow countrymen. Our total awareness and support to implement this programme is a national responsibility. Every day, HHM Group works to ensure that Bahrainis, young and old, male and female alike, are given opportunities to pursue a promising career and a chance to succeed.

Furthermore, we believe in recruitment at an early stage and we consider the growing number of youth in the kingdom to be a viable resource for innovation and originality. We also continually champion the integration of women into the workforce by creating jobs for Bahraini women.

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