Fine Foods Catering (FFC)

FFC is yet another division of HHM Group of Companies and has a long history of experience iMR MOHAMED F. MAHMOODn offering catering and related services to airlines, schools, hospitals, security establishments, hotels and the Armed Forces of different nations - locally and regionally. FFC, which is registered with CCR, and Eastern Bakery are an approved source for catering related products to the US Forces.

FFC employs a management team - headed by CEO Fareed Hasan Mahmood - with a vast amount of local and regional knowledge relating to the Food Service Industry. Many of the senior management have been with the company for over 20 years and throughout this time have dealt with a whole host of food service related challenges, regularly coming up with ideal solutions when necessary. They are thus able to draw upon this knowledge whenever required.

Having the ability to maneuver extremely fast in answering clients’ requirements because of its total backing from other parts of the HHM Group, FFC have always been on site to ensure deadlines are met, regardless of the complex situation our clients find themselves in.

Contact details

P.O Box 302 - Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Switchboard +973 17456500
Fax +973 17456550
Managing Director
Mr.Mohamed Shabab
Divisional Managerr

Customer assistance

+973 17 72 95 95

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