Fine Foods Logistics (FFL)

FFL plays an important part in the running of the Group, being husbanding agents for most of the NATO naval vessels in the GCC, Middle East, Africa and Indian Subcontinent, with offices and representatives in the aforementioned areas. Besides the naval ships, FFL also provides a wide range of logistical and support services for ground troops.

The services provided by FFL are vast ranging from fuel supply, port clearance, diplomatic clearance, supplying power generators, waste disposal, spare parts logistics, providing accommodation, transport, rest, relaxation, and everything else a naval ship and its crew may require at any port of call.

FFL has earned the highest reputation amongst the world’s navies for being one of the most efficient and reliable agents in the region. Furthermore, FFL is run by highly professional and dedicated staff who would go anywhere required of them, providing the very best service any naval ship and its crew could expect.

Contact details

P.O Box 302 - Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Switchboard +973 17827773
Fax +973 17827772
Senior Communications Officer
Tel +973 17727300
Mob +973 39250813
Hasan Z. Mahmood
Head of Marketing and Communications
Tel +973 17827773
Mob +973 34151419

Customer assistance

+973 17 72 95 95

HHM Group Switchboard